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using creativity to thrive through cancer

Creation is the stuff our cells are made of...

how else can you explain a crafty disease like cancer?

Honestly! A disease that dresses up in costume and pretends to be a good-guy whilst simultaneously trying to destroy its host planet is a story we have heard before. But unlike the super villain in childhood stories, this villain is crafty. Luckily, so are you.

On my pathway through treatment I did everything backward, upside-down and back-to-front. I couldn't help it. Creativity is not linear, nor is it a skill or ability that you can possess. Creativity is an urge. And sometimes, if we are lucky enough, the urge is so strong that we do whatever it takes to create a body worth living in and a life worth fighting for.

I was inspired to create this website after participating in the Art Studio sessions at the Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. I would wheel my IV pole into the art studio at the Austin hospital to sit with groups of strangers in a sun-lit room and create for the sake of creating, often with people who were creating for the first time in years. I saw first-hand the healing power of creativity and the community it generates.

This website is for anyone who wants to complement their treatment pathway with self-lead practices. It is a place to connect, to learn and explore ways to activate the creative life-force within your body. Because every little bit of life-force is a FORCE to be reckoned with.

DISCLAIMER: None of the ideas presented on this site are to be considered in place of your normal medical treatment. Seek professional advice on all matters related to your individual treatment pathway.