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using creativity to thrive through cancer


Creativity is usually done alone, but it comes ALIVE when we share it with others. This place is a hub for people who have experienced cancer (including carers) who wish to use creativity to help them thrive. It doesn't matter what you create, only that you enjoy doing it!

The Art Studio is a space for you to:

  • create your own online art-journal
  • upload pictures to a thriving (and private) group
  • post comments on other people's creations
  • visit member profiles, write messages and make friend requests
  • grow your creativity to become consistent, enjoyable and interactive

Once you register, you can visit the MEMBERS HUB (see link at the bottom of this screen) to set up your own profile and view other people's profiles.


1. First, you must enable FLASH player in your internet browser. This will allow you to upload pictures to this site.

It's easy, just follow the instructions below:

For apple mac users: click on the little lock symbol in your internet address bar at the top of your screen. You will see the word

'Flash'. In the drop down menu, select 'Allow'.

For PC users: Make sure you are using Google Chrome. Click on this link chrome://settings/content and scroll down to click on 'Flash'. Then press 'allow' 

2. Click on the Register link above  

3. After being accepted as a member, Sign In and go to the EDIT Profile link (bottom of this page). Fill in the 'About Me' section and upload a picture of yourself so other members can get to know you. Remember, in order to upload pictures to this site you will need to enable FLASH player, so please follow the instructions above.

4. Click on the blue button at the bottom of this page called Art STUDIO. There you will be given an option to Add photo's. Select New Album and then type in the name of your album. You will only do this once. Your album is your ART STUDIO space. Please keep the name of your album simple. Type in 'YOUR NAME's Studio'. For example, the name of my album is called 'Nathalie's Studio'.

Your Art STUDIO will be the the place you return to each time you re-visit this site. You are the only one permitted to post images into your studio. But it is also important to visit other albums and leave comments and reflections. You can also visit the MEMBERS HUB to visit other people's profiles and make friend requests!

 Supporting each other to thrive, create and relate!

Already a member? Sign back in below: