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using creativity to thrive through cancer


Let's face it...its counter intuitive to put a toxic substance into the body in order to heal it. But this is precisely what many of us choose to do at some point in our cancer journey. And it can be dam scary. I recorded this meditation during my own chemotherapy treatment in September 2019. I was sitting in the chemo chair, hooked up to the IV when I realised how valuable a guided meditation would be whilst receiving this powerful drug. So I stood up and wheeled my IV pole into the nearest restroom and recorded this short guided meditation for myself, and for you.

The words spoken in this mediation are precisely the words I most wanted to hear. I hope they calm you, reassure you and help direct the flow of your chemotherapy so that it best reaches it's target with your full trust and acceptance. 


This meditation is one of my all-time favourites. Shaking your body has been shown to invigorate total body health, bring oxygen into the blood and regenerate cellular activity. Plus it's fun!

When I teach Dru Yoga, I like to ask my students to imagine you are standing on the belly of mother earth. As she begins to chuckle, feel her laughter rise up through your feet all the way through your body, streaming out your finger tips and the top of your head. It's a real blast of joy!

MEDITATION for your immune system

In the 20 years since I have been meditating, I have learnt that our bodies LOVE our attention. Our immune system operates like a small child who benefits from our physical care AND our mental/emotional presence.  

In his book, Dr. Nitin Unkule provides a superb explanation as to why meditation in crucial to people with cancer. He also provides a short 2-minute meditation that you can do any time of the day.

You can download a print-out of the meditation here.


I created this simple game as a powerful visual aid for anyone on a cancer journey. Click on each cancerous cell to transform them into cells that are healed, whole and healthy. The process is surprisingly satisfying. 


1. To START, press the green flag icon. Type your intention for today. Let it be something you feel will help your cells heal.

For example: "Today I will drink 2L of water"

2. Press on each of the floating cells and watch them transform. Try visualising the same thing happening in your own body.

3. After all cells are healed, take a moment to gaze at them and contemplate your daily intention

4. To PLAY AGAIN, refresh this browser's page

Want to create code for your own game? Go to